We are an event-driven society. Our attention is diverted weekly to the latest disaster, catastrophe or controversy that befalls us. The leading story on the news leads our discussions and thoughts.

Domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, drunken driving, heroin addiction, welfare fraud and even animal cruelty have each taken their turn as the leading story for the day or week. Today and for the foreseeable future, I predict that gun control and gun rights will take center stage.

I am a gun owner but not a member of the National Rifle Association. Until now, I have remained silent on this issue but feel I can remain silent no more.

Of all of the Bill of Rights, none is more quoted than the Second Amendment. However, when quoting the Second Amendment, a good portion is most often left out.

If anyone took time to actually read the Second Amendment in its entirety, they would see the initial phrase: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state … .”

I am of the opinion that we have a pretty good and well regulated militia in existence in this country, which appears to have been the Founding Fathers’ intent for this amendment. Most people seem to leave this part out when debating gun rights.

I recognize that judges across the country have ruled in numerous Second Amendment cases, imposing no or few restrictions. It will take a bold and truly objective jurist to interpret the Second Amendment in any other direction.

I am not advocating for stricter or additional gun laws. As a lay constitutionalist, however, I sure would enjoy an intelligent debate on the entire Second Amendment.

Steven Edmondson