I, for one, appreciate Colin Woodard’s investigation of the Maine Warden Service.

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner Chandler Woodcock (and, for that matter, Gov. LePage) feel that a free press is a hindrance to democracy.

I find it deeply disturbing that the warden service refuses to even consider an investigation after all that’s been presented. I believe the substance and every word of Woodard’s researched article, while our own agency refuses to give any information under the Freedom of Access Act.

Sounds like Vladimir Putin’s Russia. If a law enforcement agency can’t conduct an internal investigation, we are all in serious trouble.

Corruption is the first and most insidious step toward a failed state. Just look at Mexico and the Soviet Union. Is it any wonder why people are losing trust in law enforcement and government?

I remember when state employees could be and were fired for publicly campaigning on an issue. Now, the government’s tail can wag the dog.

The agent in question should have been fired long ago. Mr. Woodcock should resign.

Robert Reisner