I perceive Donald Trump as a modern-day Pied Piper. Like the legend of olden times, Trump possesses an enchanted pipe whose seductive song mesmerizes those listeners with receptive ears, and they fall under the spell of his deceptive message.

Over 500 years ago, so the story goes, the Pied Pier and the mysterious charm of his pipe lured the children of Hamelin with a promise to lead them to a joyous new land. The dulcet notes created visions in their innocent minds of a better world and they danced off, following him willingly, into the depths of a mountain and oblivion.

Today comes Trump with his inflammatory oratory guaranteeing supposedly mature adults he will make their country “great again.” He creates false expectations in their gullible minds of a new Garden of Eden, and they dance merrily to his tune.

In reality, similar to the children of Hamelin, whoever succumbs to Trump’s siren call and possibly elects him as our president will be led by him only into an abyss of calamity. Regrettably, the rest of us, who close our ears and minds to his demagoguery, will have no choice but to share the suffering of this impending disaster.

Sam Kamin