FBI Director James Comey has come out and said that Hillary Clinton would not be charged with any crimes regarding her email use and private servers as secretary of state. While I’m not completely surprised, it looks like the Clintons have gotten away with it again.

Because of the people involved, I’m not surprised. If the last name were Smith or Jones, charges would have been filed a long time ago.

The standard for charging a crime was gross negligence. Mr. Comey said that Mrs. Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” when she was secretary of state. These two terms mean the same thing.

Let’s pretend that criminal charges are not warranted. If you believe Mr. Comey about this group of people being “extremely careless” and his shooting down many of the lies she told, how can anyone support her for president?

Nobody with this history would be allowed to get a security clearance with any government agency. And some would vote her in as president of the United States, where she would have access to everything that is classified.

Folks, she did all of this to hide something – not just from Republicans but also from everybody in this country, where nobody is supposed to be above the law. Ethics and integrity should be important when choosing the president, and Mrs Clinton is lacking here in a very big way.

Let’s not forget the matter of many millions of dollars given to the Clinton Foundation by individuals and foreign governments, possibly for favors granted while she was secretary of state. But again, your last name and money sure can buy you freedom.

John Morin