The July 9 editorial, “Our View: Waves of violence come from same source,” employed a theme that captures today’s violent events in a manner that focuses on their connection and provides a lens to view them in a broader and personal context. And the words of Robert F. Kennedy, spoken shortly before his own violent demise, provide a motivation to act: If we want “peace and justice” in the future, we need to build it now.

Some – perhaps many – in organizations both religious and nonreligious already view their communities through lenses that encourage their embrace of the humanity of the moment better than the rest of us. But many still shrink before the urgency of the need to meaningfully engage those who differ from us.

If this editorial has any impact on the march of history (large or small), it will spur more of us to more fully share the moment and available resources with our “brothers and sisters,” whatever their characteristics or circumstances.

Richard G. Maynard