I applaud Principal Derek Pierce for his efforts at Casco Bay High School (“Maine Voices: Casco Bay High shines as joyful example of learning’s expedition,” July 11). As Pierce said, Casco Bay is a shining example of what’s possible when schools embrace proficiency-based learning and a project-based curriculum.

In my two decades as a businessperson in Maine, I’ve noted several skills that are common among the best employees: critical thinking, effective collaboration, knowing how to learn and good communication. Skills like these are crucial for a productive workforce.

These are also the skills that proficiency-based learning helps foster.

Proficiency-based learning’s academic standards, student progress assessments and a curriculum based on core subjects help to prepare our students for college and careers. More specifically, proficiency-based learning incorporates an innovative educational model called “deeper learning.”

This model, in part, uses the project-based assignments that Pierce discussed, along with other practical learning activities and career and technical education. In addition, deeper learning helps build the “executive-functioning” skills I mentioned earlier.

The numbers don’t lie. Casco Bay gets results. Those are results we need to keep Maine’s workforce strong in the years to come. Proficiency-based learning and deeper learning can help us do just that.

Bob Moore

CEO, Dead River Co.

South Portland