I’m a teacher at Harrison Elementary School, and I support Question 2 on the November statewide ballot.

This citizen’s initiative is an attempt to fulfill a Maine law to fund 55 percent of the total cost of funding schools. The funding level has never been met by the state. Consequently, the cumulative shortfall to schools in our state is now nearly $1.4 billion.

This matters because it literally shortchanges the students of our state and keeps them from reaching their academic potential. Large class sizes adversely affect meeting students’ academic needs. However, passing this measure would help by providing funding for direct classroom support.

We can move toward helping Maine students by voting for Question 2, which will place a surcharge on the wealthiest Mainers – the top 2 percent. Let’s not shortchange Maine students. Please vote “yes” on Question 2 on Nov. 8.

Jim Thornton