Re: “Maine Voices: Maine Children’s Alliance supports Stand Up for Students question” (July 15):

The real name of statewide referendum Question 2 is “An Act To Establish the Fund To Advance Public Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education.” If only more money could help education. What is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again to no avail? Wake up, folks!

Change and improvement in education come from the bottom up, a complex relationship with administrative leaders promoting highly skilled teacher leaders and local professional development that empowers teachers to help each other.

This works and has lasting effects. This is (or should be) the professional work of educators in support of student learning. Is this happening in the schools near you?

Now for the “let’s tax the folks more” side of Question 2. An income tax rate of 10.15 percent on those making more than $200,000 will primarily target small businesses.

What small business do you know that can withstand yet another chunk of taxes, $7,800 a year? How about working couples?

Folks, the rich people in Maine are mostly gone. Liberals have already taxed them to the point of leaving Maine. Do you want more to leave?

Question 2, “An Act To Establish the Fund To Advance Public Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education,” deserves a decisive “no.” Legislators will use that money for their wishes, as they always have before.

Nancy Vose


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