Re: “Collins says Trump hasn’t done enough to win her endorsement” (July 23):

According to a Press Herald reporter’s paraphrase, Sen. Susan Collins found Donald Trump’s presidential nomination acceptance speech “an improvement over his past efforts.”

Apparently she did not listen to his complete acceptance speech last Thursday or watch his angry rhetoric. What I found to be extremely bothering and scary, besides his angry tone, were the following self-centered, egotistic words: “Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”

Sen. Collins thinks his speech was an improvement over previous denunciations, and she is still undecided over whether to endorse him as the Republican Party candidate for president of the nation? What other information does she need?

Perhaps her long period of indecision tells us a lot about Sen. Collins. We already know more than we need to know about Mr. Trump: He lacks the character qualifications to be our president.

Nilda Vazquez Jacobus