Unum Group said it earned $236.8 million, or $1 a share, for the quarter that ended June 30.

That represents an increase over the $224.3 million, or 90 cents a share, in operating income for the same period in 2015, a 5.6 percent increase, the company said.

“Second quarter results were very strong, reflecting the on-going operating performance of our business segments,” said Richard P. McKenney, the president and CEO in a news release.

The company had operating income of $227.2 million from its U.S. operations, a 12 percent increase over the operating income of $202.8 million it recorded in the April-June period last year.

The company said operating income from its group disability line of insurance grew from $61.2 million in the second quarter last year to $74.4 million this year, a jump of 21.6 percent. Group disability sales were off for both long-term and short-term disability coverage, but ratio of benefits paid to premiums collected were favorable.

Unum said it expects after-tax operating income for all of 2016 to be at the higher end of 3 percent to 6 percent range.

Unum is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but employs 3,000 people in Maine.