Andrew Sachs, author of the July 25 Maine Voices (“Trump fails to live up to Republican Party values”) and, in his own words, a “lifelong Republican,” must not have bothered to watch the Republican National Convention.

If he had, he might have noticed how the adult Trump children, Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany, comported themselves during the convention and various interviews. Their poise, competence, good manners and graciousness are outstanding examples of true character, and their speeches were worthy of the national stage upon which they were delivered.

Sachs worries that Donald Trump is a terrible role model for his children and plans to vote for someone who is of more noble character.

Just who that is, is never answered, but the only other viable choice for the office of president this year is a person of far shakier character than Mr. Trump. And a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump ensures the election of a role model that is far darker, devious and disgraced.

Moreover, Sachs’ “long game” outlook will result in a losing game for him, his party and our country. Once the Supreme Court is tilted and even more political federal judges are appointed, even another Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan won’t be able to correct the damage.

Andrew Sachs will be a happy man indeed if his children turn out to be even close to par with the Trump children. Say what you will about Donald Trump: If children are a reflection of their parents’ values, he produces a great product.

Gerald Caruso