Cheers! You’ve just suffered through two weeks’ worth of political conventions. Chances are, you could use a good stiff drink.

Phoebe Hunt to the rescue. The Portland artist prints designs on flasks – whiskey flasks, the kind you tuck into your purse or a back pocket for an occasional nip. This presidential election season could drive anyone to drink, so if you’re going to have a pre-election snootful, why not pick Abraham Lincoln as a drinking buddy?

Our 16th president on a whiskey flask? Hunt says she and her friends were “just drawn” to him because he’s “a cool dude.”

“I was printing on wood slabs and paper, and I wanted to print on something that was more functional,” she explained. “I liked the novelty of the flask. Abe Lincoln was one of the first ones that I made.”

Other historical figures depicted on the wood veneer covering of Hunt’s flasks include famous aviator Amelia Earhart and Daniel Boone – wearing a coonskin cap even though the real Boone, unlike the actor who portrayed him on television, never liked them and never wore them. Alternative flask designs include maple samaras – those little winged seeds that fly off the tree in the spring – bears, and bees.

Hunt works at Vena’s Fizz House in Portland, where she occasionally sells her flasks. But most of them are sold (for $28 each) at The Merchant Co. on Congress Street in Portland.