Maine’s strong entrepreneurial spirit is evident in a number of businesses operating here. This spirit has fostered an environment where home-grown companies like L.L. Bean, Tom’s of Maine and Poland Spring have achieved local, regional and national success. That is why I’m glad you profiled Poland Spring in your June 26 article.

We can all learn a great deal from the 170-year-old Maine company that has grown its business during that time, and done so in a sustainable way. That is why it is unfortunate to see the naysayers, some of whom are front people for an out-of-state group, continue to make their hyperbolic and misleading claims against this longstanding, reputable and very entrepreneurial Maine company.

Poland Spring has a proven track record of sustaining Maine’s natural resources and being a good neighbor, despite what the anti-Poland Spring, anti-business activists promote in their propaganda.

There were comments in the article from the naysayers about overuse of local groundwater. Well, I think it is important to point out that regulatory agencies monitor Poland Spring’s withdrawals to ensure they do not have a negative impact on the area’s environment or their water sources. Guess what, Poland Spring passes those tests, among many others.

Poland Spring is among the most accountable companies in this great state, especially when it comes to environmental sustainability. Let’s keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive by supporting Maine businesses like Poland Spring and its hundreds of good employees that are making important and positive contributions to the state we call home.

Dana Connors

president, Maine State Chamber of Commerce