Airbnb can be a good thing, in Portland and elsewhere. If someone wants to earn a little extra money by renting a room in their home, why stop them?

What the city should stop is a landlord or entrepreneur who kicks out tenants or buys a building so they can make more money with Airbnb. That is a problem in the city’s tight housing market.

Wouldn’t a simple solution be a requirement that an Airbnb rental can only be in a primary residence?

As for hotels complaining about Airbnb cutting into their profits, I think people who seek Airbnb accommodations are of a different ilk from those who can afford and want a luxury and pricy hotel room. They like a homey atmosphere at a lower cost. I think Portland would be unwise to discourage this type of tourism, which adds to the city’s welcoming image while helping little-guy homeowners financially.

I’ve used Airbnb in other countries and it was great.

Forget all the plans to control Airbnb by zoning. Just make sure it’s being done only in primary residences.

Joan Grant