Thank you to Jeff Dolloff and Mike Sullivan for the impressive reclamation of one of Standish’s oldest cemeteries on Dolloff Road. Residents should take time to travel up Oak Hill Road to Dolloff Road and view the new stone wall with iron gates.

The cemetery has years of history. Just wander through the grounds and observe the many familiar names on the gravestones. The dates on some of the stones will give you a better understanding of how long this hallowed ground has existed.

A first glance at the impressive new wall, with its black iron gates and the new roadside lawn, will give you reason to smile and appreciate this lasting gift, given the town by two gentlemen, who have longtime ties to Standish.

The project was inspired by Jeff Dolloff. He asked Mike Sullivan to join him in this endeavor and together they brought this project to fruition.

No recognition of any manner was sought by either one. Such an unselfish gift, however, needs to be recognized. Therefore, this is one community member’s way of saying “Thank you.”

Jim Pillsbury