Watching a little coverage of the Democratic National Convention over dinner I found my blood beginning to boil. The cause was a smiling Bill Clinton standing tall with a big broad smile as his wife Hillary crossed the stage. Why shouldn’t he smile, his efforts to derail federal prosecution of his wife had succeeded. You may recall his uninvited visit with our federal Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airplane, I believe it was in Arizona.

What Mr. Clinton was able to do with that visit was take our nation’s top law enforcer, the one who would spearhead any federal prosecution of Mrs. Clinton, out of the game. Too many news pundits called his visit with Attorney General Lynch a big mistake.

Folks, Mr. Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and a credible tactician. What he did with that visit was brilliant as the results show. Quite frankly the president should have fired Attorney General Lynch for even having one word with Mr. Clinton. Remember too, our lady of justice is blindfolded. There is no president and secretary. It is supposed to be Mr. and Mrs. Just like the rest of us.

James C. Monroe