The Muslim parents of a U.S. Army soldier killed in Iraq attacked Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention. Mr. Khizr Khan, a lawyer and U.S. citizen, did the speaking.

As a Muslim U.S. citizen, Mr. Khan was a political selection to speak because of Trump’s call to cease allowing immigration of Muslims until a better vetting system is developed. Trump’s object was to avoid Muslim terrorists in the United States.

Mr. and Mrs. Khan attracted a sympathetic reaction from the audience. Mr. Khan insultingly challenged Trump’s acquaintance with the U.S. Constitution and subtly implied his own knowledge of it. He questioned any sacrifice Trump has made.

I feel qualified to speak to sacrifice since I, too, lost a son in the U.S. armed forces. Also, I am a veteran. I am sorry for the Khans’ loss.

My question to Mr. Khan is: Does he realize that most of the terrorists were Muslims?

Would not most prudent people take that into account?

Most of us understand that all Muslims are not terrorists. I also wonder how much public outrage Mr. Khan has personally expressed against Muslim terrorists?

Muslim U.S. citizens as a group have not been noted to publicly register criticism of Muslim terrorists. This raises questions.

This entire scene was a well-orchestrated anti-Trump stunt. It used a tragic situation (assumed to be true) to cruelly remind a family of its loss. The current Democrat administration’s lack of serious concern about Muslim terrorists in the United States was shown.

Thomas F. Shields MD