The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tracking the national Zika virus outbreak in each state on a weekly basis.

As of the most recent nationwide report on September 14, there were 3,176 lab-confirmed Zika cases across the United States. Most of these were travel-associated cases, in which the virus was acquired by travelers outside of the United States. However, health officials recently reported that Zika is now being transmitted by local mosquitos in some neighborhoods of Miami, where 43 locally-acquired cases had been confirmed.

This map will be updated as new reports become available.

Click and drag the slider to view the outbreak’s spread since the beginning of May:

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
INTERACTIVE: Christian MilNeil | @vigorousnorth

Data used in this interactive was compiled by Buzzfeed News, which compiled and published the weekly reports on a public GitHub repository. Download the raw data.

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