It never seems to amaze me that the editors of the Portland Press Herald, who should be completely unbiased, would write such an defaming editorial against one of our candidates (“Our View: Trump proves he has no place in Oval Office” Aug. 3).

First of all, any criticism should be directed to Hillary Clinton, who arranged for Mr. and Mrs. Khan to speak at the Democratic National Convention to specifically cause the animosity between the Khans and Mr. Trump.

Hillary was confident that Mr. Khan would say something that would cause Mr. Trump to respond the way he did. Obviously that is what happened and Hillary went away with glee. She obviously wanted that to happen to raise her points against Mr. Trump.

I do agree that Mr. Trump has a relatively short fuse and is not afraid to combat an argument when someone is against him. Hillary knew that and used it against him.

You, as editors of this liberal newspaper, should know better, as you have also fallen into the “Hillary trap.”

I would rather have a president who is not afraid of an honest fight, than an extremely dishonest individual who will use any means including lying to her/his constituents to increase her own self-serving means.

Jack McLaughlin

Ocean Park