Inaction will not stop the killings. It must begin with the perpetrators!

First, if it is necessary, all investigations that involve law enforcement officials and result in a fatality should be taken over by the FBI, with officials involved in fatal shootings coming under FBI supervision.

Second, only specially trained law enforcement officers should carry a lethal weapon. All other officers should carry the means to subdue their subject.

The inept district attorney’s office inquiries into fatal shootings by police are among the reasons for the problems that we face today.

For years, I’ve read and written to the newspapers about this injustice in our courts in Maine. Do you remember the killing of Katherine Hegarty from police gunfire in Jackman in 1992?

The time is now to right the injustice in our country. Together we can change the thinking and actions to a positive solution in our country.

Leroy E. Peasley Sr.

retired U.S. Marine sergeant