I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and have to mention two items about your editorial about Sen. Sanders on July 30:

Yes, he did fill the civic center last July, but also spoke at the State Theatre in Portland in March, where the line to see him stretched all the way to and along State Street, after his visit was “announced” late the night before on social media. In the last paragraph, you label him “elderly.” Give me a break! He is true to himself and to America. He does not turn himself “orange” or dye his hair or let it grow out to look like some odd-color raccoon. He is about four years older than Trump and approximately five years older than Hillary Clinton. I have not read or heard anything about them being “elderly.”

Bernie conducted an energetic and vigorous national campaign. And, during this time, was invited to the Vatican and had to fly overseas. He showed us his great sense of humor with appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show.”

He is the only candidate who addressed the real issues truthfully and enthusiastically, without inciting hatred and fear. His appeal was to a wide range of ages. Please do not use such dismissive labels, which only insult Sen. Sanders.

Carolyn Vetro