The people of Maine are well served by the diligent work of Colin Woodard. His award-winning investigative journalism has once again exposed apparent corruption, this time by a former governor of Maine.

Mr. Woodard’s special report, “Charity Group Funded School Network led by McKernan,” in the July 31 Maine Sunday Telegram, ties misdirected federal education assistance funds to John McKernan companies, leaving the public holding the bag to pay out millions of dollars.

During 2014, Mr. Woodard wrote the stunning investigative account of the historic Passamaquoddy Indian land case (with its state police setup) and more recently about ongoing corruption within the Maine Warden Service – as well as this current report on public “for-profit” funding of higher education, similar to the theft of public funds by Trump University.

MaineToday Media, publisher of the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram, also deserves public recognition and special thanks for their continuing role in illuminating corruption by public officials. Officers, opinion writers, columnists and staff reporters all contribute to the benefit of a well-informed public. The free press is a hallowed public resource to be revered.

This is not the end of corruption and misconduct by current or former state officials. It is happening today and may be brought to light tomorrow. Where injustice and oppression take root, a free and open press along with outstanding investigative journalism foster and improve the public good. Thank you again, Mr. Woodard, for your excellent work. Truth will prevail.

Jeff Dunlop

North Windham