Dr. Thomas F. Shields’ letter of Aug. 4 (“Khan fails to acknowledge Muslim terrorists in U.S.”) is most disturbing to read for its underlying challenge to the factuality of the loss of the son of Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

We can all agree that Mr. Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention had political overtones – after all, it was a political convention.

Dr. Shields has the audacity to write “assumed to be true” with regard to the loss of the Khans’ son, a U.S. Army soldier, in Iraq. A little research would reveal and show the son’s gravesite. Also, I have listened to interviews with the Khan family, who reject terrorism, under any pretense or religion.

As a Vietnam veteran and an immigrant, I applaud the Khan family for their courage to speak out and subject themselves to brutal, unwarranted attacks. They were not there to speak to the issue of terrorist attacks, but rather to publicly rebut Donald Trump’s profiling of Muslims.

Rob Boudewijn