Once again, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins falls far short when giving her reasons for not supporting Donald Trump (“Sen. Susan Collins: ‘I will not be voting for Donald Trump,'” Page A7, Aug. 9).

Furthermore, she compounded the matter by coming to his defense one day later.

In her commentary, Sen. Collins listed very personal reasons for her lack of support for the Republican candidate. While her reasons are completely valid, they did not go far enough.

She needed to inform her constituents that Mr. Trump is wholly unqualified for the office he seeks. She neglected to list the plethora of comments he’s made regarding foreign policy that demonstrate that he is neither informed nor educated enough on matters of foreign affairs to run this country.

Furthermore, her defense on CNN Wednesday of his treasonous statement that “the Second Amendment people” could do something to stop Hillary Clinton from picking pro-gun control justices is shameful.

Sen. Collins told Chris Cuomo on “New Day” that Trump’s comment had been “misinterpreted,” but his comment was clear, and the subsequent backtracking only demonstrated that he recognized the seriousness of his mistake.

This is the second time Mr. Trump has demonstrated that his solution to problems is vigilante justice. Sen. Collins’ defense of Mr. Trump is patently indefensible. She needs to be called to task.

Terry Hennessey