I’ve been a strong Republican since I voted for Eisenhower in 1952.

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has no idea of how much harm she is doing to the Republican Party by stating that she “will not be voting for Donald Trump for president.” Yes, that’s the party that, for the first time, has had more primary voters show up at the polls than ever since I started voting. It is my sincere hope that all Maine Republicans vote her out of office, quickly.

It is my firm hope that the party throws her out on her ear and never lets her back in. After all, she is only a moderate Republican, and we need great Republicans in there now.

Collins, along with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, has given us this huge mess we are in now.

Collins has been part and parcel to the enormous national debt of $20 trillion we have now. Our national debt has doubled since she first took office.

Donald P. Curry

South Portland