I am one of the many readers who was offended by Cynthia Dill’s insults to a majority of Maine Democrats who voted and volunteered for Bernie Sanders this past year (“Excited for Philadelphia,” Page D1, July 24).

Those of us concerned about the issues that the Sanders campaign raised are not “bozos,” nor are we on the political “fringe.” And we certainly do not find it funny when the author mocks our concern for the warming planet or the children who suffer hunger.

Dill should take another look at the primary election results: Bernie won Maine handily, precisely because the majority of Maine Democrats worry about inequality, climate change and corporate control of our elected officials – and we are not convinced that Hillary Clinton has the will or the ability to address these concerns.

When I first read Dill’s piece, I shrugged it off as more of the same Maine Democratic Party establishment rhetoric that has led so many Bernie supporters to Demexit. Today, however, I learned that Dill is a paid columnist for the Maine Sunday Telegram, and that to me is a different story. The biggest and most important news source of southern Maine should not be associating itself with someone who shows so little regard for the concerns of our community and our planet (and this person should certainly not be on the payroll).

Please reconsider associating the paper’s name and reputation with Cynthia Dill’s hateful, misinformed tirades. Your readers deserve better.

Jura Avizienis