All politicians, at some time during a campaign, will say or do something stupid. In a liberal media environment, most of the time, the dumb things a liberal politician says or does will either be minimized or not reported, while the dumb things that conservative politicians say or do will be twisted or exaggerated.

Case in point: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The media piles on Trump and lays off Clinton. Calculating politicians will side with the liberal media to promote their own image. State Sen. Roger Katz is one of them.

Recently, Katz penned an op-ed in the Press Herald piling on what the liberal media has tagged on Trump. Recall one of Katz’s famous bloopers. On Oct. 13, 2012, Katz imposed a campaign event on a cancer fundraiser. At a Walk for Hope for cancer survivors, Katz showed up with campaign buttons and passed them around.

Liberals are artful in demonizing conservatives in an effort to suppress free speech. In his op-ed, Katz tries to discourage Trump’s supporters from commenting, saying Trump “is giving permission to others to legitimize bigotry, racism and hate.”

Katz charged that Trump is unfit to be president but is silent about Clinton. It has been reported that Clinton gave misleading information to the parents of Americans Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith about why they were killed at Benghazi. Clinton supports the Iranian nuclear deal, which could allow Iran to better arm itself.

Clinton gave multiple accounts to the public about the unsecured server in her home that contained classified documents while she was secretary of state. The director of the FBI said Clinton was “extremely careless” with the server. It goes on and on.

While Trump may have said dumb things, Clinton has done things that hurt our country. It is Clinton who is unfit to be president.

David Alexander