U.S. Sen. Susan Collins said a few days ago that she couldn’t support Donald Trump for president even though they are both Republicans. Two of our local and better-known Democrats gave kudos to Sen. Collins for her courageous stand: 1st District U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree and Emily Cain, who is running for Congress in Maine’s 2nd District. So did Bill Nemitz, a columnist for this newspaper who frequently sympathizes with Democrats.

Do you know what? I agree with all of them. And that is a rare thing. But I will have more respect for these three when they disavow and say that Hillary Clinton is also unfit to be our president.

It’s well known what she has done, and there is more to be revealed as far as her corrupt practices go. So let’s be fair versus hypocritical.

We as Americans deserve a lot better than either Trump or Clinton. Let us hear you three say it out loud.

John Morin