Way to go, U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

On Page D1 of the July 30 Press Herald, in a group photograph taken at a news conference (“Feds designate $7.7 million in grants to support forest products industry”), I could not help but notice the contrasting garb being worn on that hot and humid summer’s day.

Rep. Poliquin and the two women are dressed according to the season, while the other men are buttoned up to the neck. Come on, men. Loosen up! Put away those ties, unbutton the neckline and get cool!

I noticed the same look recently on the Maine television news: the female anchor in a sleeveless summer outfit and her male counterpart in a jacket and shirt, buttoned up to the neck, with a ubiquitous tie.

Anyone remember Ted Williams and his out-of-uniform attire? Never a tie – ever.

Mary Folsom