FairPoint came up here from down south a few years ago with big ideas of getting into the phone business here and obviously they did not have as much money as they really needed. I think the union tried to warn us about that and no one listened. This underfunded company needs to go. We, the citizens of Maine, deserve better.

There have been problems in the past, and there continue to be problems. In 2015, I called FairPoint customer service and asked for a new phone book. They promised to send one out immediately. These people apparently have a different definition of “immediately.” A year later, I’m still waiting.

So I called again Aug. 16 and complained that I had been promised a new phone book a year ago and I am still waiting. The supervisor that I spoke with told me FairPoint has nothing to do with phone books. The name FairPoint is on the cover, but it is something I would have to talk with the publisher about.

It appears to me that FairPoint is in such financial difficulty that they have to cut costs by no longer providing phone books to their customers. The state should have listened to the union a long time ago and not allowed a bunch of underfunded dreamers to buy something that is a vital service for the people of Maine.

The state needs to step in and take over FairPoint for the safety of all Maine people before Fairpoint declares bankruptcy and leaves us all without phone service.

Thomas O’Connor