My Place Teen Center has recognized and congratulated Lynn Leavitt for the September 2016 Volunteer Spotlight.

Lynn grew up and currently lives in South Hiram, and works for Westbrook Public Services. She has been volunteering with My Place Teen Center for two years. Once a week, Lynn donates her time to work on environmentally themed activities, including erosion, litter and stormwater pollution and recycling, through different activities. These include mapping cigarette-butt litter in the downtown area, making recycled paper, water-quality testing of the Presumpscot River, analyzing the impact of ground cover on erosion, and scavenger hunts.

“I volunteer because it is a great opportunity to get people in the community educated about these issues,” she said. “If I do my job the kids will go home and talk to their family about what we did and word gets out. The kids function as my ambassadors.”

When asked what her passions are she said,” In a lot of ways my work is my passion. I changed careers in my late 20s to enter the environmental field because I find it endlessly fascinating – the variety of plants and animals on this planet amazes me on a daily basis.”

Additionally, she would like everyone to know, “I think the Teen Center is a great asset to the Westbrook community and the staff is fantastic. They support everything I do with a smile and a laugh. Also, I’m always open to new outreach and education opportunities with groups in the city. If you are interested call me at Public Services (591-8135) to discuss options.”

Lynn is an integral part of the My Place Teen Center culture and staff members say they are grateful and honored by her efforts.