In a recent letter to the editor (“City must act to protect Fort Sumner Park vista,” Aug. 16), a fellow resident, Karen Snyder, seemed to suggest that the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization, one of Portland’s oldest and most influential neighborhood and civic organizations, has made a decision to oppose a proposed residential development at 155 Sheridan St.

While we stand united with our neighbors in their concern for the Portland community and its scenic views and public spaces, that letter did not in fact speak accurately for or on behalf of our organization as a whole.

It is true that many among us are concerned over the proposed development and its potential impact to one of Portland’s most popular and storied treasures, one where countless couples have exchanged engagement rings, where children see magnificent sunsets and where people from across the world behold the beauty created by both man and nature.

But the MHNO has chosen to talk before reacting prematurely, and we’re grateful to Saulnier Development for being willing to sit down, talk face to face and work in a good-faith effort to find compromise.

We do not yet know what will come of that dialogue, but Bernard Saulnier has assured our community he would work to find a solution and return to our organization by mid-September to discuss that plan. Whether we find common ground remains to be seen, but we are in need of housing, welcome responsible development and are hopeful of saving a special place and its scenic view for many generations to come.

Jay Norris

president, Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization