Much has been made lately about Gov. LePage’s supposition that 90 percent of drug dealers coming into our state are blacks and Hispanics from southern New England, New York and points south.

Look, I think much of what the governor spouts is either science fiction or stuff that is ripe for Comedy Central. On this particular point, however, the gentleman is right on the money.

I moved to Maine in 1983 and have been a daily reader of the Portland newspaper.

During all these years, pictures of people from out of state who have been arrested in Maine after being caught dealing drugs here are regularly published in the Press Herald. Anyone with his eyes open who can count cannot help but notice the overwhelmingly high photographic preponderance of detained black and Hispanic males that I personally would not buy a used car from.

Is this racism? No. It is reality as reinforced by the very stories being so reported. If the Press Herald wants to better camouflage the issue, stop publishing the pictures. But give the governor a pass on this one.

He is only pointing out the obvious.

Bruce Sanford