I write in support of the letter by the Rev. Maria Anderson that ran Aug. 24. She vigorously protested the language used to describe the “cleanup” of people seeking social services in West Bayside.

She found herself highly offended by people referring to the human beings in West Bayside and at the site of a proposed Munjoy Hill condominium project as a problem that needs to be cleaned up. She found the language very offensive, and I cannot believe I am the only person who completely agrees with her.

Where are these people to go? With rents and house prices where they are in the Portland area, even if a couple work full time at a minimum-wage job, it is very hard, if not impossible, to rent or purchase a place to live. (Correction: It’s impossible to purchase housing, and very, very difficult to rent it.)

My only reservation with her letter is that she states it is time for “Christians to take a stand against the derogatory and offensive rhetoric in our city about our neighbors experiencing homelessness.”

It is surely time for all right-thinking people of any faith, or no faith at all, to speak up against this appalling situation. As a nonbeliever, I would have appreciated more inclusive language, but I am so glad she spoke out and I hope she will continue doing so.

Deborah F. Coward

South Portland