I am really sorry I did not write immediately when I read the news article critical of Beach to Beacon in the Aug. 7 Maine Sunday Telegram, because a positive note might have been used to offset the criticisms in the Aug. 14 paper by letter writers Larry Kaplan and Tim Wallace.

I found the news article by Steve Craig to be leaning heavily toward criticism, while it also contained the enlightening data to show the race is a growing and now huge event for Maine, bringing nearly $927,000 into the economy, spending it on the expenses for the enterprise, plus charity, plus whatever the runners from around the world spend on their own visiting Maine at the height of the best season of the year.

Hats off to race founder Joan Benoit Samuelson, race director Dave McGillivray, the volunteers and the runners who collected charitable contributions in order to run.

To the Sunday Telegram, to reporter Steve Craig and to the critics: Organize your own damn race, and then we will judge you.

Brian C. Jones