I agree with your editorial “Our View: Message to America: Sorry we gave you LePage” (Aug. 26) properly interpreting Gov. Paul LePage’s latest libelous comments about minority groups as racist. I cannot, however, join in your apology to America for the election of a racist as our governor. I did not vote for LePage and will accept no responsibility for the mistakes that were made by others.

As a Maine resident, I have been constantly humiliated and embarrassed by our governor’s words and deeds and have said so on many occasions. It was painful and frustrating to now watch LePage and Maine being held up to ridicule on national television.

Equally, I’m ashamed, as you wrote in your editorial, that “some of our fellow Mainers applaud him for defying what they consider to be oppressive political correctness.” The LePage they somehow managed to elect to office speaks to them and for them; he is the public voice for the racial divide that does exist, not in Maine, but in their hearts.

We can expect no meaningful apology from LePage and his hard-core supporters. Their minds are closed and their eyes blinded by bias. No attempt to rationalize with them will alter their long-held prejudices.

I endorse your hope for the future of our state: “Mainers of all political parties will have to work together to fix the damage he has done to our reputation.” It will not be an easy task, but it’s a sacred obligation we must fulfill so that future generations may live once again in a truly welcoming state.

Marcy Kamin