I am curious if others share my sentiments about the respective presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Here we have Donald Trump, a cartoonish fraud who, like a genie, escaped from his bottle somehow to spew a brand of poison never before seen in our political history, one that is both frightening and laughable at the same time. Great theater at best.

The only thing more laughable is the efforts of his latest handlers and spin doctors to try to stuff him back in the bottle (impossible) and rebrand him to something more palatable (also impossible).

If that were not enough, it’s also great theater to watch our national Republican leadership (except Sen. Susan Collins) tiptoe around his candidacy, praying they don’t sink with him but shockingly unable to condemn him.

Now comes Hillary Clinton, mired in allegations of mishandling email – a scandal with Clinton Foundation ties that raises questions but doesn’t suggest she is off her rocker like the aforementioned genie.

When you compare the two, the choice is crystal clear: Hillary should be handed the reins for four years while trying to avert disaster until the next election cycle. Then, hopefully, candidates will emerge whom the vast majority can get behind without all the recent drama and help cure the country’s ills.

David Richards