Like most radical operatives, the author of the notes of hate toward his Westbrook neighbors hides. The Mideast radicals hide under hoods. The local radical hides behind a veil of anonymity. They are brothers in terror.

Donald Trump came to Portland to spew his message of hate. He obviously has disciples. He professes principles of law and order, but there’s nothing lawful in threatening.

“Make America great again” is a false slogan. America is great. It’s a place where you have the freedom to express your opinions as long as you remain within the boundaries of law. Gather the facts, and you have many public forums to express yourself.

If you are angry and feel repressed, it isn’t because the Muslims or the Mexicans took anything from you. What we lost economically was the result of the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney regime winking and turning a blind eye to Wall Street.

Wall Street hides behind the corporate veil. It’s economic terror, which will take a generation to recover from. I’d be interested to hear if your “law and order” guy has any interest in prosecuting the perpetrators.

This divisiveness and radicalization are the culmination of years of propaganda by Fox. It’s the voice of those who have surrendered their ability to reason and succumb to fear. It’s a tactic used by the Third Reich.

America is great. We need to rise above fear and divisiveness to keep it that way.

Leo Ojala