Call your senator with your opinion on recycling laws. Metal and everything else that comes from mining is a finite resource.

The Merriam-Webster definition of “finite” is “A: having definite or definable limits. B: having a limited nature or existence.” This means that someday the world will run out of metal to mine and all the metal in the world will come from recycling.

Recycling laws are needed to make sure that future generations do not run out of metal. The recycling laws would make it illegal to put tin cans, aluminum foil, insulated copper and other metal items in the trash.

It would be legal to throw out potato chip bags and to landfill metal with asbestos on it. There would be a ban on aluminum in potato chip bags and other similar items such as candy wrappers. The law would apply to e-waste.

We also need a nationwide bottle bill.

Samuel Kurtis Foster