I’m writing in support of York County Probate Judge Robert Nadeau because I feel that the ruling recently handed down by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court was wrong.

I have dealt with Judge Nadeau several times. He is consistent, doesn’t rush to judgment and fairly assesses all the facts before rendering a ruling that is always in the best interest of the child. He’s an exemplary example of what a judge should be and someone who the Maine judicial system can be proud of.

Each time Judge Nadeau has come up for re-election, I have voted for him. And for as long as he continues to want to serve us, the people of York County, I will continue to vote for him. There has been no better or more staunch supporter of the people of York County and our families and the rule of law than Judge Nadeau.

So it was very harsh indeed for the state supreme court not to take into consideration the exemplary conduct and representation by Judge Nadeau over the many years he has served on the bench and to rule that he had improperly used his position.

It was obvious by listening to the Maine Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability’s arguments that someone had a personal grudge against Judge Nadeau and was making a mountain out of a molehill. In light of this and in light of his record, the court should have seen through that and come to the opposite conclusion of what they did.

Judge Nadeau has been one of the best judges the state has ever had sitting on the bench representing the people, and it shows by his repeatedly winning our votes to serve us. That should tell everyone, including the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, all they really need to know.

Debby Reagan