A former Biddeford city councilor has had another run-in with local law enforcement, and has been issued a summons for possession of marijuana and violating the conditions of his release.

Perry Aberle ran for mayor in Biddeford in the November 2013 elections.

Perry Aberle ran for mayor in Biddeford in 2013.

JoAnne Fisk, Biddeford’s deputy police chief, said Thursday evening that Perry Aberle was issued a summons after police found him passed out on a bench in Williams Court Park earlier this month.

In June, Aberle was arrested by Biddeford police for refusing to submit to arrest. He was charged during an incident on South Street in which a woman alleged Aberle had threatened her boyfriend. Police said Aberle was uncooperative and refused to identify himself.

Aberle, 41, was elected to the Biddeford City Council in 1993 when he was 18. He has since run unsuccessful campaigns for Biddeford mayor, state representative and City Council.