Over the last six years, Mainers have gotten so used to the Blaine House reality show that when Gov. LePage made comments earlier this year about black drug dealers impregnating white Maine girls, we barely paid attention. When national media picked up the story, we just gave a collective shrug.

It takes a lot to get our attention anymore, but LePage’s recent voice mail did it. Who uses words like that? Even LePage’s threat to shoot Drew Gattine between the eyes wasn’t as shocking as the vulgar language LePage used in the voice mail.

In the meantime, Maine is going through a drug epidemic, the worst public health crisis in decades. People are dying for lack of treatment facilities. What will happen in the next two years?

Why aren’t our elected representatives and governor working to facilitate not only law enforcement but also aggressive treatment and prevention? Why aren’t they working on a comprehensive drug program that works?

The next two years will go by with LePage still blaming the drug crisis on out-of-state black drug dealers and working on his scrapbook and not much else getting done.

Linda Dumey