A Sept. 5 Portland Press Herald headline, “Teenager faces charges of trespassing, assault” (Page B3), is followed by a subheadline identifying the same person as a “Massachusetts man” who “allegedly forced his way into a Maine home and later punched a deputy.”

Which is he, “man” or “boy”? Individuals who are 18 years of age are legally adults. The person in this article is a 19-year-old adult.

“Teenager” is a term used to identify juveniles who are between the ages of 13 and 17.

The number “19,” written as a numeral or spelled out, is a statement of the age of the individual in question; to call that 19-year-old a “teenager” is not only false but also ludicrous.

At their discretion, the media can choose to label certain young adults “teenagers,” implying young innocence to create sympathetic opinions and judgments. It is grossly unfair, and the results can be devastating.

My intention is to bellow against the practice of false representation. I should think that parents of true teens would be just as angry.

Wake up! If an 18-year-old is an adult, then so is a 19-year-old. Neither one is a teenager.

Marlee Hill

Cape Elizabeth