I, for one, am sick and tired of reading about a bunch of hypocritical people complaining about the governor.

The people of this state elected him to cut spending, useless programs and waste from the state budget. He has done as much as our loony legislators have allowed him to. I dare anyone one of you to take his place and put up the the childish behavior of other elected officials and legislative leaders.

To say he might have a drug, mental or other personal issue is judgmental in itself. Was he admitted to some institution that we didn’t hear about? No. These are statements made by our legislators, our saviors of salvation, our wonders of wasteful spending.

And then Speaker Mark Eves has the gall to say that “elected Republican leaders have failed Maine people” – that coming from a man with a chip on his shoulder. But remember, Mark, the Democratic legislators wanted to waste $43,000 a day to come to a useless conclusion about the matter.

Maine people can say what they want, but don’t expect to elect a governor in this state who will constantly be degraded by the legislators you elected. It’s the legislators who should be replaced, not the governor. I applaud Paul LePage for the battles he has fought and won, but I feel total disgust for the legislators of this state.

And, just in case any of you have wondered, I am a registered Democrat and would vote for someone who has the backbone that Gov. LePage has.

Frank Teras

New Gloucester

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