Last summer I wrote to Gov. LePage, asking him to resign, saying that it would save him time and aggravation and save our state time and money. The governor replied, saying, among other things, “Not going to happen.”

This past year has been marked by legislative deadlock and increasing bellicosity in Gov. LePage’s speech and demeanor.

My husband and I were recently in Montana celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. When the report of Gov. LePage’s verbal dustup with state Rep. Drew Gattine made the news in that state, even people there were shocked by the governor’s inappropriate speech and the threat he made to Gattine’s life.

I do not think Gov. LePage speaks for the majority of the people in our state. I do not think he is capable of being a good governor. I do not think he can change his behavior and ill-considered speech.

Last summer, the governor said that if enough people wrote asking him to resign, he would comply. So, for the good of our state, I have written to him once again, asking that he resign. Perhaps others will also take up their pens.

Louise R. Sullivan

Cape Elizabeth

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