Gov. Paul LePage made remarks out of anger that were distasteful. He apologized. Let’s move on.

But if I had the governor’s ear, I would offer this advice: Never let an opponent know they’ve gotten under your skin – ever.

Most of the governor’s antagonists aren’t even Mainers. They’re from “away.” Drew Gattine is from New York; Mark Eves, California; Bill Nemitz, Massachusetts; Cynthia Dill, New York. Even Angus King is from Virginia. These carpetbaggers have no Maine values. When they come to Maine they bring their own agendas, usually socialistic.

Gov. LePage, you’re doing a great job, and real Mainers love you. Don’t let these people from “away” get to you. You are our firewall. (As an aside, I wonder how many people on this paper’s editorial board are from “away.”)

Michael Mills