In 2004, we Mainers voted to have the state fund 55 percent of the total cost of public education, making this the law.

Regrettably, there’s always been a shortfall. Just this past year, the state funded public education at only 46.6 percent. Over the years, that’s meant a total shortfall of about $1.2 billion.

Because the state failed to discharge its duty, communities have had to raise property taxes and, in many cases, cut programs, fire teachers, reduce supplies and cut support staff.

Stand Up for Students is a significant step toward resolving these problems. It will impose a 3 percent surcharge on income over $200,000 after deductions (about 2 percent of our population).

In its first year alone, it would generate an estimated $157 million for public schools, targeted to direct classroom instruction only.

Support the quality of education our students need and our law requires. Vote “yes” on Question 2.

Peter Allen

North Gorham

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