This Saturday, the Harpswell-based Puppy Love, Inc. will hold a fundraiser to celebrate its sixth year of operations.

Puppy Love, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from Louisiana shelters and animal control facilities and finds homes for them in Maine.

“Our dogs are rescued and vetted there and placed into foster homes until they’re adopted here in Maine and surrounding areas,” said founder and President Laurie Blain. “We transport adopted dogs monthly to Maine as well as other dogs that I have local foster home space for, which is always something that we lack. We lack good foster homes, and the more foster homes we can have here the more dogs we can save there.”

Mainers interested in adopting a rescue dog can go right to Puppy Love Inc.’s website, where they can view dogs of any age, size or complexion up for adoption online. They can then fill out an application and volunteers will determine if the adoptee and adopter are a proper fit. Once a match is made, the dogs are transported 2,000 miles North where they are briefly housed at a foster home for 48 hours and then taken in at their new homes.

The idea for Puppy Love Inc. began 10 years ago, when Blain and her husband first chose to adopt a rescue dog.

“When we were first introduced to the whole Petfinder experience, it opened our eyes to the world of rescue and how many dogs needed rescuing,” said Blain. “There were overwhelmingly so many dogs, that we decided that was what we were going to do–we were going to rescue.”

Since she started the company, Puppy Love Inc. has placed over 900 dogs with new homes, which Blain calls “a heartwarming accomplishment that could only be realized from the hard work of our committed volunteers.”

The fundraiser to celebrate six years of rescuing animals will be held at Brunswick Golf Club on Saturday, September 17. The event will include auctions, live music and appetizers, although Blain notes that, sadly, no dogs are allowed on the property.

“It’s a human-only event,” she admits. “Though certainly people can bring photos of their pets.”

Tickets may be purchased online through Eventbrite.

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