A few of life’s frustrations: Let’s begin with easy twist-off caps, which are not only childproof but senior-proof too. Push in two side tabs, while pressing down and twisting off the cap.

Finally, success – only to find an aluminum seal, which has a tab that can’t be located. Puncture that with a knife, then, get the tweezers to pull out the cotton that is stuffed over the capsules and get rid of that nagging headache.

And if you discover that magical slice-and-dice gadget that you’ve been searching for? Take it home and start reading the directions. Help! The first words are “some assembly required.” Find the screwdriver and some pliers. As success nears, you figure out that two screws are missing.

How’s your clicker finger? Record a one-hour television show and then watch 30 minutes of action and 30 minutes of advertising. Most of those ads offer miraculous medications with a list of possible side effects that could send you to the emergency room.

A suggestion: Take a magnifying glass to the market. Hopefully it will enable you to discern the ingredients and expiration dates.

As they always say when you are checking out, “Have a good day.”

Cecily Mills


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