In your Sept. 2 editorial, “Our View: Standing up for freedom by sitting down for anthem” (Page A6), you concluded that the act “deserves to be emulated, not derided.”

The Portland Press Herald, through its overview, does a disservice to most Maine residents, the veterans and retired military, like myself, who proudly served.

In honor of those who gave their lives to protect our flag and country, we recognize the right to protest. But when someone chooses this disrespectful behavior toward our flag and national anthem, their intended message gets lost because it is offensive to so many. It only brings anger instead of the unity we desperately need.

Your editorial offended me more than the act you chose to protect. I would have appreciated you reminding these athletes that they should be thankful for the privileged life they enjoy: a testimony that only in this country can you achieve greatness through hard work.

They certainly have the right to stand up for their beliefs when necessary, but they should always remain role models who display patriotic and professional behavior.

Fred Elwell